Tri-lingual Hail Mary - Hail Mary in English, Spanish and Nahuatl (Aztec)

Hail Mary
Dios te salve Maria
Teotl mitz pahcahyohui Maria 
(Teoh-t'l mitz pa-cah-yoh-wee Mah-ree-ah)

full of grace
llena eres de gracia
te temiticah in tlen cuacaultzin 
(tee tay-me-tea-cah in tlen kwa-kwal-tzin)

the Lord is with you
El Senor es contigo
in tlacatzintli cah ica tehua  
(in tlah-cat-sin-tli cah ee-cah tay-wha)

blessed are you
bendita eres
huan ica tematzin  (
hwan ee-cah tay-maht-sin)

among all women
entre todas las mujeres
ticah ica nochi zohuameh 
(tee-cah ee-cah nochee so-wha-may)

and blessed
y bendito
huan man ye ica Teotl 
(hwan mahn yay ee-cah te-oht'l)

is the fruit of thy womb
sea el fruto de tu vientre*
in xochicualli in moihtic tic pia  
(in sho-she-qualli in mo-ee-tic teek pee-ah)

Jesus, Amen
Jesus, que asi sea
Jesus, mah ihquion mochihua 
(Hay-soos, mah ee-kee-own moh-chee-wah)

Holy Mary
Santa Maria
zohua Teotl Maria  
(so-wha tay-oht'l Mah-ree-ah)

Mother of God
Madre de Dios
te Nantzin in Teotl  
(tay nahn-tzin in tay-oht'l

pray for us sinners
ruega por nosotros pecadoras
topan xi tlahto tlen otic huicaqueh necuil ohtli 
(toe-pahn she tlah-toe tlen otic wee-                                                                                              cah-kay nec(k)kweel ohtli)

now and at the hour
ahora y en la hora
cuac ye ti miquizcueh 
(kwahk yay tee me-gees(e)kay)

of our death
de nuestra muerte
huan cuac yo ti miqueh 
(hwan kwahk yoh tee me-kay)

mah ihquion mochihua   (
mah ee-kay-own moh-chee-wah)

* "es el fruto de tu vientre," is another way to pray it.


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