The Sash of Guadalupe Song to Our Lady of Guadalupe for the unborn

Intro & refrain:
  O Senora de Guadalupe, to thee we sing, to thee we pray
    Tu eres la madre de Nuestro Senor,
    Tu eres mi madre, tu eres mi flor, 
    O Senora de Guadalupe, To thee we sing, to thee we pray
Of one with child in womb,               
They say "esta encinta";
On the tilma woven on loom,
A sash a-dark "en tinta"                       
           ...A sash a-dark "en tinta."

'Tis said that the darkling tie                                Serafina Riedell and her baby grandson Andrew   
Beneath thy hands afold
"With child" doth signify
That one unborn you hold
           ...That one unborn you hold.

Our Embryonic Lord
And God's own Fetal Son,
Once tied by maternal cord                    
To Thou, O Holy One
             ...To thou, O holy one.


This was the Savior's way,        
O may this shine a ray                                Between being a child in the womb and a child born
On one before its birth!                               is a matter of time, nourishment and growth―along with
           ...On one before its birth!                      a mother's care and a value for life.

O sadly there are of womb,
O those with love unblest,
Who face an earthly doom
As life from them is wrest!
      ...As life from them is wrest!

Help all remember thy Child
And where He dwelt in life;
O mother undefiled,
Help end abortion so rife!
      ...Help end abortion so rife!


(Refrain: Tu eres la madre=you are the mother; de Nuestro Senor=of Our Lord; mi madre=my mother; mi flor=myflower; esta encinta=to be with child; en tinta=in color.  In an earlier version of the song, the words "morada tinta" (purple color) and "purple tie" were used.  According to an account originally written in the Aztec Language by Antonio Valeriano with additions by Alva Ixtlixochitl, she has a purple sash.  But since this may not be clear as the image is seen, "a-dark" and "darkling" were substituted.)  John Riedell


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