We need to pray for our nation

     For all of America's promise, bounty and blessings, its moral foundation is crumbling, and its culture is in the process of decay.   Sadly, our nation's gone down a dark path of iniquity, killing many of its innocent unborn—one by one, a veritable slaughter of the innocents!  And some, with a moral blindness, formalize as marriage, that which is not.   The lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner proclaim the land of the free, yet freedom, while sought after, can be an ideal misconstrued and misused, as can the ideal of equality. 

     Those who believe themselves thus enlightened, are in reality, darkened of mind and misguided in thought.

     The first English colonies, in what was to be America, were Virginia founded in 1607; Massachusetts, in 1620; and New Hampshire, in 1623.   Eventually, the colonies increased in number to thirteen.   These are symbolized by the thirteen stripes of our flag, and as the nation grew, the blue canton became populated by fifty stars, standing for the states so united. 

     Owing to error in our midst, our nation is very much in need of prayer.  Close to a hundred years ago, in 1917, the Blessed Virgin proposed the Rosary for peace in the world, in a series of heavenly manifestations occurring near Fatima, Portugal, on the thirteen day of several months.  She spoke of more than peace, as there was other counsel in her message.  Appearing in sadness on 13th of October, the Blessed Virgin said, "Let them offend Our Lord God no more, for He is already much offended." God created humankind to be holy as He is holy, and offending Him is what sin is, and sin is unholy. 

     The nation that arose from the Thirteen Colonies, would do well to humbly heed the counsel that came from heaven on those days numbered thirteen. 

     The number of our states today, happens to fit into the bead count of the Rosary.  Our nation is comprised of fifty states linked together. The Rosary has fifty beads linked or bound together, counting its five decades of the the Hail Mary or Angelic Salutation, the prayer with the opening words of Redemption (Lk 1:29). The meditations that accompany the prayer, remember the Redemptive acts of Christ, the sufferings He endured for us, and the instrumentality of the Blessed Virgin in His work of salvation. The meditations also include His resurrection, His ascension and the honor He bestowed upon His mother.

     While two of our states are not among those that are contiguous and share borders upon our continent ― Hawaii, islanded far out in the Pacific to the west , and Alaska, crossed by the Arctic Circle to the north ― yet they are bound together with the lower forty-eight, pictured below.  If we want God to bless America, we should make ourselves deserving of His blessing.

    The Rosary is prayed by those who are Catholic, but it should be noted, that it draws upon Scripture and has been called a Gospel prayer, even "the compendium of the entire gospel," and as such, it seems it should not be alien to the Christian who professes a belief in Christ.   

     In addition to honoring and appreciating Christ and His mother for their Redemptive roles, it's proposed that we thoughtfully consider, enveloping and surrounding America with this prayer, not only to protect our country from the enemy without, but also to protect our nation from the peril and bad practice within.  

                                                                                        John Riedell


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