The Mother of God

     To understand what is meant by being the Mother of God, we must understand what is encompassed by being a mother. Without minimizing the important role a mother plays, the title of motherhood only means a portion of the causation of a person.

       A mother provides the female elements: the egg with its genetic makeup, her womb for the child to grow in, and a delivery system through the umbilical cord to nourish her child with the food she eats. To nature is added her love and care for her offspring. This is motherhood.

      The little one, like all human beings, is a composite of body and spirit. We call this spirit a soul and it is the most important component of the human being. God creates it at the instant of conception, and thus bestows humanness upon the child at that moment. This does not take away from a mother, because what she provides to engender a child, is for the body, and even here she provides from what God has provided in nature.

      Even though she provides nothing of the spiritual element, the soul, we don't say she is the mother of the body. We say she is the mother of a person, the whole human being, body and soul. She is the mother of a little Joey, Janie, Johnnie or whatever is the chosen name for her offspring. The name becomes solidly linked to and stands for the person.                           ...A Joey

      Before Jesus came into the world as the God-man, He existed from all eternity as the Eternal Son of God, and Mary being His mother, had nothing to do with His prior existence as a spiritual Person of the Trinity. God would create the human soul of Christ at a certain point in history, but the Spirit of His Divinity always existed.

     When in the course of time God wished to take on a human form through a woman, Mary consented to become His mother. She provided the egg, the womb and the nourishment for the Person of Jesus. By contributing to the physical portion of Christ but neither His soul nor His spirit as God she became the mother of Our Savior. She became His mother in the sense that all mothers become the mother of a person. And through her, God the Son entered human history as the Person of Christ.       ―John Riedell         













This wood carving, sculpted in relief, was found in an antique store in Peoria, Illinois. The sculptor is not known.  While the carving is well done, some work was added to it, to enhance its appearance.  J.R







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