Las Golondrinas

        Here are the lyrics and a translation of the song Las Golondrinas, that Serafina wants sung  at her funeral.  It was sung at the funeral of her grandmother, Emilia Rhody, daughter of William Rhody, a  Confederate soldier who went south.   Her son Leonides (and Serafina's father) was ten years old when Emelia died.   Before his death, he asked his daughter Viola to sing it at his funeral.   She promised to do so, and did, with her sisters joining in.   Some Mexican nuns came and they also sang it for him at the cemetery.   It is now a tradition begun

Las Golondrinas (from the album Celebracions Tradicionales Mexicanas, RCA Victor, MKL-1162, Volumen 1 [It also says this on the album: Para decir adios & con las 3 Conchitas y Trov. de Mexico])

Adonde ira,
veloz y fatigada...
La golondrina
Que de aqui se va...

O si en el viento
se hallara extraviada,
buscando abrigo,
no lo encontrara...

Ave querida,
amada peregrina,
de corazon
al tuyo estrechare...
Oire tu canto,

O tierna golondrina,
Recordare mi patria y llorare...


Whither goest (she),
swift and tired,
the swallow
who goes from here...

O, if (she) finds herself lost in the wind,
looking for shelter
(she) will not find it...

Dearest bird,
beloved pilgrim,
take heart,
I'll hold (onto) yours,
I'll listen to thy song...

O soft and tender swallow,
(and I'll) remember my country and cry.

Author not known


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