HOLY   What do we mean by holy? Holy, by a dictionary definition, means "sacred," and "spiritually whole, of proved virtue and unimpaired innocence." It is from Anglo-Saxon halig, akin to hal, meaning "whole, well." It also may be defined as having the quality of holiness. The Maryknoll Catholic Dictionary defines holiness, from both a Divine and human standpoint. In reference to the Divine, holiness is defined as "the infinite perfection and wholeness of God." In reference to the human, it's "an inherent quality by which man is united to God. It is the possession of sanctifying grace and separation from sin." The word holiness is derived from Anglo-Saxon halignes, "perfect." Perfect means "having all the properties naturally belonging to it" and "complete." Being holy is being wholly what we should be. Holiness is the spiritual and moral wholeness God intended for us.

HOLY MARY   While God is infinitely perfect, Mary is finitely so. She is united to God and possessed sanctifying grace at the outset of her life: at her very beginning in her mother's womb. She was not only free of original sin but was always free of personal sin. She was the human vessel through which Christ as God and man, came into the world. His perfection was surrounded by her perfection, and He remained untouched by the stain of original sin which tainted all humankind. Her holiness enwrapped Him. This is important to see, for it redounds to His glory. Never could the devil cackle in hell and taunt Christ that He came into the world under the shadow of the sin he the devil instigated. Take away the perfection of Mary, and you take away from God.

HOLY US  For us being holy or having holiness is something we strive to attain. It is and should be our proper goal in life. An individual action of ours may reach that goal, but we are called on to strive to make the next action the same, and the next. Constant and habitual good actions are virtues, like honesty and chastity. A virtuous person is a person of good character, as we build character by our repeated good actions. But it should be mentioned that it is not good action alone that counts, but a mind and heart that are consistent with it. At the close the fifth chapter of Matthew, we are told "So be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect."

So be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matt. 5:48


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