Hail Mary in Aramaic

  Shlom lekh bthoolto Mariam - Hail, O Virgin  Mary    
  maliath taibootho 
- full of grace
moran a'amekh  - the Lord is with thee                   
  mbarakhto at bneshey
- blessed art thou among women
wambarakhoo feero dabkharsekh Yeshue -
                             and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus
O qadeeshto Mariam  - Holy Mary
yoldath aloho  -  Mother of God
saloy hlofain hatoyeh - pray for us sinners
nosho wabsho'ath mawtan. - now and at the hour of our death.
Amin - Amen

     When Jesus lived here on earth He spoke Aramaic, the language common in Galilee then.  It was an old Semitic tongue, related to Hebrew.  It's considered traditionally as one language, but it may also be thought of as "a group of closely related languages." 
     Modern Aramaic is used today by scattered groups in Western Asia, including Christians, Jews and Muslims.  It's kept in the form of Syriac by certain Christians.  The Syriac pronunciation is presented here. 

Another version of the words, titled Shlomlech (AveMaria, Hail Mary in Aramaic)
                      as sung by Magda El-Roomy - My Marionite Heritage

lom-lk Mar-yam   -  Hail Mary
mal-yat tay-boo-to   - 
full of grace

moran a-mk   -
 the Lord is with thee
mbar-ra-to at bn-   -  
blessed art thou among women
wam-ba-ra-koo fee-ro dkar-sk Y-sooا    - 
 and blessed is the fruit of thy   womb Jesus
Mort Mar-yam   -
 Holy Mary

-mh da-lo-ho  - 
 Mother of God
ek-ka-af hlo-fayn   - 
pray for us
hnan ha-to-y   - 
ho-o wab-oا-to   - 
now and at the hour 
dmaw-tan   -
 of our death
A-meen.  -

(There were k's and h's with dots below them, but they weren't found as symbols)

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