Hail Mary in Arabic


Phonetics of the Hail Mary in Arabic

        (Note:  The ă is imitative of the a in at.  For me, as an English speaker, part of the exact sound was a little hard to enunciate.  It should be noted that there are different dialects in Arabic and not all words are spoken or written the same.   ―JR)

      Ahsalahmoo Ahlay'eekee, Yah Maree'um. Yah moom tahlee'ahtah nă'mah Al'rahboo mah'ahkee moobarak'ahtun entee bay'eenah nee'sah, wah moobarahkun thum'rahtoo butneekee Sah'ee Yedahnah Yesoo'ah Mus'seehă.

      Yah kahdeesah Maree'um, Yah Wahleedahtah Allah, sahlee lee ăz'leenah nahaa'noo ha'tah'ah alen wah fee sah'ahtee mahooteenah.   


Meanings of words:  
Ahsalamoo (peace) Ahlay'eekee (to you), Yah (Hail) Maree'um (Mary). Yah (Hail) moom tahlee'ahtah (full of) nă'mah (grace) Al'rahboo (God) mah'ahkee (with you) moobarak'ahtun (f. blessed) entee (you) bay'eenah (among) nee'sah (women), wah (and) moobarahkun (m. blessed) thum'rahtoo (fruit) butneekee (thy womb) Sah'ee (Our) Yedahnah (Master) Yesoo'ah (Jesus) Mus'seehă (Christ [Messiah]).

      Yah (Hail) kahdeesah (saint, holy) Mahree'um (Mary), yah (you) Wahlee'dahtah (mother) Allah (God), sahlee (pray) ăz'leenah (for us) nahaa'noo (we) ha'tah'ah (sinners) ah'len (now) wah (with) fee (in) sah'ahtee (hour) mahoo'teenah (death).   Ameen (Amen).

         The above Arabic script was written by Maya Kerbage who's from Aitou (Itoo), Lebanon.  The writing is read right to left,  but not the phonetics.


Another writing of the Hail Mary in Lebanese  (Found among my papers, it may've been written down 20 some years ago, and I'm no longer sure of the writer's identity to credit the person.  Shown with embracing lines, the names Jesus and Mary look like my own writing.  ―JR).

The following Hail Mary in Arabic was written by Deacon George Geagea, according to the way he knows it in Lebanese.  Deacon Geagea is a native speaker of the language from Bcharrie, Lebanon, and  serves in the Marionite rite of St. Sharbel parish in Peoria, Illinois. 

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