Fatima written in Arabic


      It's written and read from the right.  What looks something like a "9" with a mark above it, is the letter faa'.  It's followed, to the left, by the letter 'alif.  The next letter with an upright on a loop, is the Taa'.  Then, looking like a small written "s," is the letter meem, pronounced like the "m" in moon.   Finally, you have what's called the taa' marbooTah, which isn't a letter of the alphabet at all, but a mark moreso of the feminine, and is commonly pronounced as the letter "a."
      Sometimes letters are not joined, as is the case of the 'alif here; it doesn't join the letter that follows it, and is called a disjoined letter.   The Taa' is a stressed "t."  There is the letter taa' which alone (full form) looks quite a bit like an elongated English letter "u" with two dots above it. 

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