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Questions & Answers (Q&A)
Holy Mary
Name Mary
Mother of God
Now and at the Hour of Our Death
Celebrating Mary's Birthday
Protectoress of the Unborn
The Ave of Maria

Like Fr. Marquette, Place Voyage in Mary's Care

History of Guadalupe
A Linguistic Link to Rome?
Did She Say Guadalupe?
Origin of the Name Guadalupe
The Way the Image Appeared
See in the Holy Image

Rays of Light
The 46 Stars of Guadalupe
Juan Diego - A Noble Life
The Example of Juan Diego and Maria Lucia

Banner of Cortes
La Cinta
Did She Wear a Crown?
A Girl's Guadalupe


The Yellow Roses of Lourdes
A Curious Bit of History

Amethyst Grotto
A Layman's View of the Immaculate Conception  
The Past and the Present 
A Scimitar in Stone Suggested at Lourdes


Statue of Mary for Belize
Why the 13th?
How Fatima Came To Be
Ftima the Princess
Fatima and Islam  
Fatima Written in Arabic
The Captive
Historical Source for Fatima
It Makes Sense
Chronica de Cister, Book 6, Chapter 1
(Another historical source)
Freer Translation of the Chronica Chapter

Gonzalo Herminguez by Robert Southey
Translation Commentary
The Fatima Behind Fatima

Cova da Iria

Fatima Back in Time

        Rosary & Scapular

The Rosary
153 Hail Marys
Brown Scapular
The Rosary and Brown Scapular
Was the 15 Decade Rosary Complete Enough?




Help Us Gather Roses
Sash of Guadalupe
Roses O Roses
See in Him What Mary Saw

In Peoria, Illinois
In Metamora, Illinois

Hail Marys

Hail Mary in Russian
Hail Mary in Chinese
Hail Mary in Hindi
Hail Mary in Swahili
Hail Mary in French
Hail Mary in German
Tri-lingual Hail Mary
     (English, Spanish, Aztec)

Hail Mary in Arabic
Hail Mary in Aramaic
Hail Mary in Hebrew


Fall & Redemption
Origin of the Hail Mary
The Immaculate & Sorrowful Heart

Rosary Around America
Even For Only One Day
A Catholic Response to a Fundamentalist
The Santa Maria


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